The area we cover is part of the now well-known Etruscan Coast region, which, thanks to its countless beaches of pale sand, like those in San Vincenzo and Baratti, and a sea that is crystal clear, ranging in colour from emerald green to deep blue, has been awarded an EU Blue Flag on countless occasions.

The Etruscan Coast is also home to many lush pine groves, woods and a vibrant, multi-scented countryside, which explains the number of Parklands, Nature Reserves and Wildlife Parks.

For keen nature-lovers, the WWF “Oasis” in Bolghero, Rimigliano Nature Reserve (for flora and fauna) and the Sterpaia and Montioni Parklands deserve a special mention.

The Etruscan Coast has a rich history and has archaeological sites prove that date back from Etruscan and Roman times through to the Middle Ages.

The Val di Cornia Parks are well-worth visiting: the Populonia-Baratti Archaeological park is home to the famous Etruscan necropolis, and the San Silvestro Archaeological Mine, with its Temperino Mine, the Museum of Archaeology and Minerals and the ruined medieval tower of the San Silvestro fortress is  truly an open-air museum. 

For those who love to indulge themselves at Thermal Spas and Well-being centres, the famous Valle del Sole Spa in Venturina is a must.  Today’s well-equipped Spa Centre has been built around the hot 36° Calidario spring waters that have been appreciated since the Etruscan-Roman era.

The villages of Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri – famous for its “Cypress Avenue” , Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto and Sassetta, each unique and interesting in its own right, also deserve a mention.

More modern, but equally interesting, are the coastal towns of Piombino and San Vincenzo, lapped by a sea of 1000 different colours.